Lytle & Barszcz secures a 3.67 Million Dollar Settlement for insurance employees, and currently represents a national class of current and former Hartford employees in a class action lawsuit and in arbitrations. 

Employees who signed releases may still be owed overtime!

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Hartford National Overtime Actions

You must act quickly! Under the Fair Labor Standards Act an employee may seek damages for unpaid overtime for a period of up to three years; however, the first day of the “lookback” period is not set until you file an “Opt-In” notice with the federal court, stating your intent to be a part of the national class.


Hartford Overtime Arbitrations

Any Hartford employee, whether they have signed an arbitration agreement or not, may still seek to recover unpaid overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act. If you have signed an arbitration agreement it simply means that you will need to pursue your rights through arbitration, as opposed to through the federal court action.

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Overtime Lawsuits for Analysts

We encourage all Analysts who process insurance claims to contact our firm as these employees may have overtime claims against their current or former employers. While we use the term “Analyst,” employers may use a myriad of different titles to describe such...
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Lytle & Barszcz Settles Class Action on behalf of Hartford Disability Analysts for 3.67 million in an Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit against Hartford Fire Insurance Company

After three years and a long battle with one of the largest and oldest companies in America, Lytle & Barszcz secured a 3.67 Million Dollar settlement of unpaid overtime and damages from Hartford Fire Insurance Co. in the matter of Monserrate et al. v. Hartford...
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New Lawsuit against Hartford for Unpaid Overtime

After Obtaining a 3.67 Million Dollar Settlement in an overtime lawsuit against Hartford Fire Insurance Company on behalf of Analysts who process disability claims, Lytle & Barszcz has filed a new overtime lawsuit against Hartford: Allen et al. v. Hartford Fire...
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Lytle & Barszcz Bring New Lawsuit in New York Against Hartford Fire Insurance Company for Unpaid Overtime

Hartford unpaid overtime lawsuit Following on the heels of a 3.67 Million Dollar class action settlement approved by the Court, Lytle & Barszcz has two other current class action suits against the Hartford Fire Insurance Company for unpaid overtime. Lytle &...
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Lytle & Barszcz Secures Conditional Class Certification for Current and Former Hartford Employees for Unpaid Overtime Claims

The Fair Labor Standards Act’s (FLSA) overtime provision requires that employers pay one and one-half times the employee’s regular rate of pay for all hours worked in excess of forty hours per week. When an employer violates the FLSA, affected employees may bring an...
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